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FIAT 500 Floor Mats - Coco Mats - Front + Rear Set - Black w/ Blue

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Add a Classic Touch to your FIAT 500 with these Original Coco Mats!

Remember those Coco Mats from the 60's that were commonly seen in a Porsche, BMW or a Mercedes?

In the 60's Coco Mats were THE Custom Floor Mats for Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and Volkswagen. They were very practical and very durable. Add a little early European flair and a touch of nostalgia to your new FIAT 500 with these great looking mats.

These mats are hand woven from Coconut Husks in India and then made in to some of the finest floor mats right here in USA to our specifications. Our custom-fit Coco Mats are subtly updated with vinyl edging and a non-slip, ribbed backing.


  •     Custom-fit for maximum protection and coverage
  •     Give your new FIAT 500 a vintage sports-car style with the Coco Floor Mat
  •     Coco Mats protect your factory carpets from spills, stains, and mud with the natural durability of coconut husks
  •     Driver side has a vinyl heel pad stitched in to help protect from daily wear and tear
  •     Non-slip ribbed backing
  •     Made in the USA
  •     Available in a variety of Colors - check all our product listings for current stock
  •     Coco Floor Mats are backed by lifetime manufacturers warranty

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About Manufacturer

The Story of How Cocomats Are Made

Coir - Cocos
Our floor mats are made from natural materials - coir and rubber. Coir is India's golden gift to the world. Also known as cocos, it is a natual fibre extracted from the protective husk of coconuts.
golden coir fibre
The husks, separated from the nuts are seasoned in lagoons for periods up to ten months. By using wooden mallets, the husks are converted into fluffy golden coir fibre.
hand woven mats
The coir is transferred onto traditional spinning wheels called RATTS, where it is spun into yarn. Once spun, the yarn is dyed and hand-woven into mats. Then they are backed with nibbed rubber so they stay firmly in place.
palm fibre cocomats

Palm Fibre Cocomats are made with skills handed down through generations of artisans and are crafted with the greatest of care.

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