FIAT 500 Lowering Springs by MADNESS - Sport Plus - North American Version

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Ready to upgrade the handling and look of your FIAT 500?

This listings if for our MADNESS FIAT 500 Sport Plus Springs that feature a more aggressive drop, with significantly improved handling.

The MADNESS Lowering Springs were developed as a joint effort between us (MADNESS) and our European Partners that produce some of the best performance spring in the world.

Our goal at MADNESS was to produce a line of performance springs that have been designed specifically for the North American Version of the FIAT 500.

Rather then compromise and produce one style of springs to suit everyone we decided to design and manufacturer two different types of springs to specially suit the type of handling and look our fellow 500 owners ask for.

Our MADNESS Edition Performance Springs come in two versions.

Our Sport Plus version (this listing) offers the driver the stunning look of an aggressive drop and substantially improved handling - without sacrificing too much in terms of ride quality. Our Sport version (please check our other listing for Sport) offers a smaller drop and sharper, sportier handling over stock - while retaining most of the ride quality.

This Sport Plus version offers the following drop:

FIAT 500 ABARTH              - approximate drop of 1.4" (front) & 1.8" (rear)
FIAT 500 Turbo                   - approximate drop of 1.4" (front) & 1.8" (rear)
FIAT 500 Sport                    - approximate drop of 1.4" (front) & 1.8" (rear)
FIAT 500 Pop (pre '18)        - approximate drop of 1.8" (front) & 2.4" (rear)
FIAT 500 Pop ('18-on)         - approximate drop of 1.4" (front) & 1.8" (rear)
FIAT 500 Lounge (pre '18)   - approximate drop of 1.8" (front) & 2.4" (rear)
FIAT 500 Lounge ('18-on)   - approximate drop of  1.4" (front) & 1.8" (rear)

We designed the springs to give you a more extreme drop while offering the best combination of ride and handling. If you want to lower your FIAT 500, but do not want to ruin the handling and/ or the ride comfort of your 500 this is one of the best options available.

Vehicles with 30k+ miles may benefit from replacing the factory rubber top mounts at the same time.

FIAT 500 Strut Top Mount Assembly Kit - Upgraded Replacement - Red Anodized

FIAT 500 Strut Top Mount Assembly Kit - Stock Replacement

Users most concerned with ride quality may wish to look into upgraded shocks and struts by KONI for the very best ride available with lowering springs.

FIAT 500 Front Struts by KONI - Left & Right (Set of 2)

FIAT 500 Performance Shocks by KONI - Rear (set of 2)


  •  Designed and manufactured exclusively for MADNESS
  •  Made in Germany
  •  Manufactured to TUV standards
  •  Designed to fit the FIAT 500 
  •  Improves handling of the FIAT 500
  •  Gives the car an enhanced stance

Spring Rates:

Front Springs:
Rate 1 - 97.07   lbs
Rate 2 - 194.15 lbs
Spring Type - Progressive

Rear Springs:
Rate 1 - 159.88 lbs
Rate 2 - 199.90 lbs
Spring Type - Progressive

Don't forget to check out our other suspension upgrade options.

Alignment is recommended with springs, suspension kits or coil-over kits.

*Please note! The drop will vary slightly according to the model type of your FIAT 500 and the overall shape of your other suspension components (shocks and struts).

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